NYE 2017 | Hugo Boss

                                                  featuring: HUGO BOSS Blue Tuxedo & accessories 

I think we can all agree that we’re excited for 2016 to end so 2017 can be everyones fresh start! I’m not one to make specific New Years resolutions but I do like to find a new motto that can be applied to many things, for instance last year was ‘Peace of Mind’ (which I tried my hardest to stick with despite personal struggles). This year I’ve decided is going to be ‘Make it Happen’ I’ve realized I’m a person that is at peace in my personal life when everything else is going smoothly too. So I’ve decided to focus on the organization of my business by starting a GALLA in house team & new office in Manhattan. I’ve also realized that I’m in my mid twenties & there are many other artistic paths I’d like to try, music production & acting being the two forefront so I’ve signed up for lessons in both.  What’s your resolution or motto? and more importantly, how are you going to execute it?
Now lets talk about the look. My friend KayKay and I stayed at the Madinat Jumeirah the past couple days in Dubai which was incredible. I decided to have it be the backdrop for my NYE look with Hugo Boss! The architecture & lighting was perfect for the suave, blue tuxedo. I styled it with a bow tie and cumberbun for a homage to the prohibition era. Make sure to check out the look above with the links provided.

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