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Feels like yesterday I was waking up at 3am ready for my day due to the worst jet lag of all time. Oh Dubai how you charmed me awake for two weeks straight!!! Even though it was a direct 16 hour flight to and from, My friend KayKay & I had the best time. We went with the tourism board who spoiled us from beginning till end, so MERRY XMAS TO US! When I returned I received an onslaught of questions from my family wanting the run-down and I immediately thought what better than to write a blogpost of answers?
We stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights, at the STUNNING Jumeirah Madinat which is the sister property (and under same ownership) of the 7 star hotel, The Burj Al Arab. After KayKay and I got situated we explored the city in awe. It was extremely clean and boasts some of the worlds most unique and tallest infrastructures. The first few days consisted of the exploring the observation decks atop the Burj Khalifa, where we toured the 148th floor (purchase your tickets ahead of time here) and we also had access to the fewer lower levels but those were way more packed. We had dinner in the same building floors below at The Armani hotel restaurant . It was delicious but pricey, probably best if it’s a special occasion. I highly recommend the scallop starter if you decide to go!
The following days we were given a personal jeep tour guide of the Arabian desert which is approximately 1 hour (driving) outside of the main city. KayKay and I were very excited as it was sunset and we had built our hopes up for this moment. What we didn’t account for was a couple of things: We went on a Friday where it’s very busy and most of the dunes had car tracks which left very little “untouched sand” In turn, we hustled within 1 hour to find some beautiful natural sand formations which are pictured above. My recommendation would be to go on a Tuesday or Wednesday at sunset as it’s the least crowded days and it allows the dunes to “freshen up” Another thing to mention is the safety. The drivers are very skilled but remember that it is the desert so there is a lot of swerving, and sliding. It did scare us in the moment so we made sure our seat belts were on.
Other than the typical tourist attractions, we spent the holiday to relax in the sun offshore of the Burj Al Arab. I lost count of the mojitos and calamari we ordered…but it was exactly what we needed to wrap up the very interesting and tragic year of 2016. Big thanks to KayKay for joining me on such a fun trip and helping with photos! As well as the tourism board who were very kind for spoiling us with experiences & accommodations. We both look forward to visiting again very soon.


       Fairmont the Palm





all range between 12 & 16 hours travel time.

Photos: KayKay Blaisdell & Myself

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