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Hello from the best city in the world, Nueva York! Despite having plans of spending most of my summer in California, I’m not complaining about this change. You can plan all you want but we all know that life hardly goes according to plan to you just have to ride the current! The city just comes alive at this time of year, with visitors, students, even friends from home! One particularly enticing area that I love to stroll is Broadway in SoHo, which acted as the background to these photos here. The shopping scene is the obvious upside but there’s also the beautiful buildings, my favorite smoothie shop & GYM along with my management’s head quarters. More often than not you’ll find me here 🙂
As I eagerly await the BEST season in NYC (Autumn) I’m starting to build my wardrobe with confident, classic pieces now. I’ve showcased a Canadian denim suit before but not with the fun accessories I did this time around. The past couple seasons I find myself loving the combination of bandana’s & basic tee’s more & more. Even the converse are nothing new but it completed my modern americana image I had in my mind. As for the Lucky denim I couldn’t recommend it more due to the comfort alone: 92% cotton, 6% polyester & 2% Elastane. It’s great for the guy on the go, constantly keeping busy. The Denim shirt was my other favorite due to it’s fit. I can’t tell you how many times I cycle through denim shirts and eventually find them to be too heavy or too tight but this one by Lucky hits the moneyspot. It’s a great balance of both and you can layer it with other pieces…Heck go all out & throw a denim jacket over it! 

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