M I A M I | Audi

This past week I had the opportunity to experience Design Miami for the first time with Audi. I was lucky enough to see their exhibit featuring Bobby, the self driving car-prototype enclosed in a clock setting with 400 thousand Legos surrounding it. it was awesome. We learned all about the future to come and Audi’s plans to put forward completely self-driving vehicles within the next 10-20 years. Being a California native who learned driving was second nature to get anywhere, I was astounded. My dad owns his own car shop and at the end of the day I wished he could’ve experienced it with me because it was remarkable.
When we weren’t exploring the convention & artwork, David and I hit the road in our Audi Q7. Our destination: Key Biscayne. The beaches along the area are so intimate and beautifully lined with Palms that we had to pull over and photograph it. Luckily for 4 wheel drive we took it through the sand no problem, and made an afternoon of just relaxing in the sun.

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